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The art of Feng Shui is an ancient science practiced by people all over the world. It is based on a belief that everything in this world resonates with either a positive or negative energy, better known as Yin and Yang. The energy itself is called Chi, and the actual feng shui art is when you use positive objects and arrange your environment in positive ways to counterbalance negative energy.

Feng Shui Colors and Decorating Tips

One of the easiest ways to transform negative energy into positive energy is by using color. Feng shui colors mirror the five elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. So for the element Fire, feng shui colors might be red, orange, purple, pink, and yellow. Bringing the feng shui colors of Fire into your home or office supports energy, and helps you to achieve recognition in your professional field.

The element Metal helps to bring clarity, sharpness, and efficiency to your environment. The feng shui colors gray and white are used to illustrate this element and attract this positive energy into your home

The element water is represented by the feng shui colors blue and black. Water represents abundance, as well as bringing forth an energy of calm, purity, and freshness that can permeate the home or office.

The elements of Wood and Earth, are represented by the feng shui colors of brown, green, light yellow, and beige. Wood is thought of as the symbol of health, vitality, and growth, as well as wealth and prosperity. Earth represents stability and nourishment.

Using any of these feng shui colors in your home or office can have many positive effects, not only on your health and wealth, but also on your peace of mind. And with Zojing's Art, it is easy to incorporate these positive feng shui colors into your home or office, as well as give you beautiful objects to admire each day.

Zojing's Art is simple and inspirational, and her themes promote Health, Wealth and Happiness. You will find the positive and soothing energies and feng shui colors of her work refreshing, uplifting and healing for both the mind and spirit.

The placement of Zojing's Art will enhance and harmonize the Feng Shui of any given area, creating a prosperous environment for the home and workplace. Zojing's Artwork makes a perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, housewarming, anniversaries, appreciations and inspirations.

Read more about Feng Shui and how you can use Zojing's Artwork to enhance your Career, Knowledge and Friendships while bringing harmony to Family and the Future and ensure Love , Fame and Wealth through the proper placement and beautiful feng shui colors of Zojing's Art in your home or office.