Best Feng Shui Tips for Your Home, Office & Bedroom

All over the world feng shui is used every day to enhance the harmony and balance in just about any kind of environment. So, I thought some feng shui tips were in order so that you can maximize the energy and positive effects, and not accidentally invite negative chi into your space.

Many people use feng shui art to help them achieve harmony and balance within their home or workspace. Not only does this increase positive chi, it is also pleasing to the eye and invites aesthetic appreciation. That is one of the best feng shui tips I can come up with in creating a happy home.

Feng shui is a Taoist idea, asserting that energy has many different forms and that nature is alive, spreading it's energy around and creating impact in all it touches. That is why it is so important to only invite positive energy, and why many feng shui tips are centered around ways to do this, such as using feng shui art, or placing mirrors in a room to help positive energy fill up the space with warmth and light.

Yet more feng shui tips one should adhere to are things like avoid obstructing your door ways, as a clear pathway allows positive energy to flow within a room easily, and also never sleep with your feet pointed toward the door, as this can invite negative energy.

Other popular feng shui tips might include filling your home with plants as they are full of natural living energy, and help keep that energy flowing within your home. Just be sure to remove them right away if they start to die, as this can attract negative energy and you don't want that! You can also try feng shui art to hang on the walls, as often these feng shui designs will include pictures of living plants.

There are many other things you can do to keep the energy in your home positive, harmonious, and refreshing. But hopefully the feng shui tips shared here today will help to get you off to a spectacular start!